About me

Foto (9)

name: christy

key characteristics: 

enthusiastic, versatile, curious dancer of life
sensible, aesthetic and reflective thinker
creative, responsible and solution oriented mind
graduated transcultural communicator
artistic activities: digital art photography, writing poetry lyrics
organizational & communicative networking spirit
fluent in German, English, French and Hungarian
certified mediator and trainer

cultural background: born in Budapest, Hungary, raised and grown up in Geneva, Switzerland, Bavaria, Germany, Baden bei Wien, Lower Austria, currently residing in Vienna, Austria

interests: communication & art mediation,  creative writing and photography; enthusiastic about acting, movies, attending inspiring art and music events, surrounding myself and meeting inspiring, thought provoking, humorous people; traveling;

personal goal: in the process of discovering life and making exciting, wonderful and life changing experiences I want to stay dedicated to expressing myself by means of creativity and art (photography, writing, singing), stay in “motion”, live up to my full potential, and go “on stage”.




Bildschirmfoto 2015-04-07 um 01.15.17


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