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Die Glut

Die Glut
Der Frühling verwirrt mich. Umwirbt mich. Berührt mich.
Eine Berührung. Eine Versuchung. Eine Entführung.
sucht. versucht. fühlt.
 Ein Glas zerbricht.
Ein Kratzer. Es kratzt. es juckt.
 Die Sonne geht. Der Regen fällt.
Wäscht weg das Brennen. Muss abkühlen.
Darf nicht sein. Nein darf nicht sein.
Grenzen aufstellen. wahren. überwinden ?
Unberührt erlischt sie. Diese Glut.
– (c) christina milassin, 2015

From Illusion to Re-cognition

Hi my name is Christy!

Just a thought to begin with.

My mediation training and my interest for peaceful and constructive ways of communicating with each other, not just learning to listen more to each other but also learning to express ourselves enabling others to hear us better, has showed me that whether it’s a conflict at work, with friends or with family members,

it’s not about “winning”, it’s about getting the chance to reflect our needs and wishes, to see them clearer and therefore articulate them better.

Inspired by William Ury’s new book : “Getting to YES with yourself” I am reminded and more and more convinced, that losing is not equal with losing.
The loss of a human connection with the other, the search for this “lost rope” that has connected us, this search that tends to result in a fight for understanding and to be heard is eventually a conflict- a “purely, charitable confusion”, which invites us to re-direct our attention to the person we have come to neglect in the confusion.


So the question is, do I succeed to look at myself and my conflict with more patience and empathy, to even look at the other with the same patience and empathy to eventually exchange perspectives?

To stop being crushed by a brainstorm of secondary thoughts and rather re-cognize my primary interests?

Loss (of illusion)  —————> Patience ——————>Re-cognition of Interests

What a challenging and adventurous discovery ride that enables change : from “victim” (blaming others) to “creator” (taking response-ability).